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pantyhose parlour
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About pantyhose parlour
pantyhose parlour
pantyhose for every occasion: classic, quirky, glamorous & divine

Pantyhose parlour was created when on a daily basis I received the comment "Wow! Where did you get your pantyhose?"

I love to be an individual and I work in a corporate environment where pantyhose are a necessity. Having the flexibility of dressing up my outfit without spending heaps of money is important to me and I find pantyhose offer that flexibility. Pantyhose are an ideal solution without having to purchase a whole new outfilt.

I was bored with the cheap quality supermarket pantyhose and often I didn't have time to go into the larger department stores. More often than not I was disappointed when I did visit a store to find that the range was boring, lacked individuality and prices were high....pantyhoseparlour.com was born.

My wish for you is that the next time you walk into a room, a complete stranger says to you "I love your pantyhose! Where did you get them?"...and of course you reply pantyhoseparlour.com.

Enjoy my extensive range and by all means contact me if you have a specific design you would like as I may be able to source it for you.

pantyhose parlour princess
De Anne
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